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My first month in a graduate position

My first month in a graduate position

Now it has already been over a month since I set out on my adventure at Danfoss and I can say that it has been a very exciting experience so far. I am part of the PGP (Postgraduate Program) in Innovation at Danfoss. This program consists of 2-year experience in which you have a unique opportunity to kick-start your career by taking an active role in four critical projects in different destinations.

Lagt online: 21.10.2019

A good introduction

I spent my first week in the Headquarters in Nordborg where I met my fellow postgraduates and got a great insight into Danfoss structure.

What impressed me the most at first was the warm welcome all the postgraduates had and how taken care off we felt. This introduction week absolutely makes an impact on how you see yourself within the organization. It was a week full of information learning and actively listening to very relevant topics such as strategy, megatrends, foundation and very motivational talks, including from our CEO. Nevertheless, time for team-building activities was also an essential part of the Bootcamp.

The atmosphere was full of enthusiasm and energy, all of us were feeling eager to start our first project, getting to know our teams and the new destinations.


My first project as a graduate

Currently, I am settled in Vejle, working in the heating segment in an exciting project both relevant for the business and my professional development. It is a project about buildings energy efficiency which involves both individual and team work where not only the hard skills are very valuable but also the soft ones. Being assertive and open-minded when talking to different people is a must for efficient communication.


buddies, mentors and lots of networking

During these two years of the program, a buddy is assigned to you so that you can always reach somebody for whatever question you have. This is a great initiative, but I also have to say that the postgraduate community is so close to each other that you feel you have so many people you could reach to.

In addition, you are also assigned a mentor, which is someone who will help you and guide you through your career. I have my second meeting with him next Friday and I am really looking forward to it.


A program with endless opportunities

If you have an international mindset, willing to broaden your comfort zone and you are eager to contribute to very relevant projects I undoubtedly recommend to applying for a postgraduate program. It is a program with endless opportunities.


Nationality: Spanish

Education: Indoor Environmental and Energy Engineering, AAU

Year of graduation: 2019

Job: Graduate in Danfoss, Postgraduate in innovation


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